Sarolta Balogh Nagyne

CEG-CENTER CITY Founder and Managing Director of Auditing and Accounting Bureau Ltd.
Economist with degree
Accountant with diploma

She obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Szolnok College of Economics in 1988.
After obtaining her degree, she obtained a certified qualification in accounting.

The Cég-Center Group provides bookkeeping, payroll and tax advisory services through the offices of Budapest, Szolnok and Füzesabony. Since its founding 25 years ago, aside from dealing with daily tasks of many companies, the group have been involved in the preparation and management of investments and in the management of tax and accounting problems arising during implementation in several medium and large companies.
Her specialties are corporate taxation, taxation of individual businesses, general sales tax, the structure of companies and tax optimization.
She is well versed in tax procedures, in the handling and representation of tax audits, in the appeal of disputed decisions that may arise, and in the provision of technical assistance in litigation.


We think accounting is not about us and not for us.
However it is especially about us. It shows
– how efficient our production is
– if we reached our goal or just stagnating
– if we are progressing with our investments or just doing the old things
– if our employees serve the company in the long term or just taking a visit
– if our investors benefit from the business or not

Moreover, it is for us. Because if gives information about
– how to improve efficiency
– where does the money go from the investment
– if it is worth to continue the business
– If we should make more investments or place the capital outside the company
– where and how can we increase our capital return?

Good accounting answers everything and helps the business’s stakeholders reach their goals. For 25 years we have been serving small and medium-sized businesses with accounting, payroll, tax consulting at our three offices in the country, in Budapest, Szolnok, Füzesabony.

Are you looking for a prudent and reliable accountant?
Want profitable and credible businesses?
Are you looking for a solvent and eligible company?
Would you like to employ your employee legally, without high contributions?
Do you want continuous information about your business?
Did you sell your property?
Do not you know how to tax?
Do not want to get fined by the Tax Office?

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